Remembering James Martell

Sad news today.

Peerless educator James Martell passed away this week suddenly. He was an innovator, a master practitioner and one of the most generous educators in our industry.

James got involved in Internet marketing in the early days and over the years introduced thousands to practical fundamentals like search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and podcasting.

His program “Affiliate Buzz” may well be the longest running podcast on the Internet – not just on marketing, but on any topic.

Think about that.

Among all the thousands of podcasts out there, James’ show was the longest running.

James epitomized the best of the first generation of Internet educators: genuinely accomplished, innovative, honest, unassuming and unfailingly generous.

While the current standard is to charge the most possible for the least possible value, James maintained the original Internet ethic of using his knowledge to uplift as many people as possible by sharing the fruit of his extensive experience freely.

He was a great and loyal friend and I know from the grief his wife and children are feeling, a great husband and father.

James’ wife relayed his last moments to me:

Yesterday, when we took James off life support with the 4 kids at his side. It was very peaceful and beautiful. While we were talking to him about the grandkids, a tear rolled down his cheek. I knew he heard us.

The last time I spoke with James “on the record” was this past April.

James was in love with the possibilities the Internet offered us, small, undercapitalized, bootstrap entrepreneurs, and it was his life’s passion to get as many people involved in the party as possible.

The guy you hear in this interview was the same guy when the recorder was off and the same good guy I had the great good fortune to meet when he came to one of our conferences many years ago.

If you never had the chance to meet him, this was James Martell. If you knew him, it’s vivid reminder of what we’ve lost.

James Martell – April 2018.

Click here for: James Martell interview MP3

– Ken McCarthy

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