Reasons to be cheerful – and a warning

I’d love nothing more than to devote all my energy to preparing for the 20th anniversary of the System Seminar.

But given a choice, I’d rather celebrate the liberation of the people of Canada and all the other people around the world whose fates depend on the courage, good will and intelligence of their example.

Canadian “authorities” have been taking food, water, and fuel from truckers in Ottawa in an attempt to starve and freeze them out. The citizens of Ottawa have retaliated in a humorous, peaceful way.

Now I’m going to ask a hard question.

Canadians love their children and grandchildren.

Why don’t we?

Suicide attempts by teenaged girls are up 51% during the illegal lockdowns and bogus emergency decrees. How much clearer an indication of the suffering this madness has inflicted on our children do we need before we take action?

I’m sorry to say I see the vast majority of my profession sitting on their hands doing and saying nothing. I hope that will change – and soon.

I want to commend Dave Farr, System grad, who has devoted many hundred of hours using his marketing, communications and organizational skills to help hold it down in Minnesota on behalf of his fellow citizens there. This is their group: Masks Off Minnesota.

We know the vaccines don’t work (specifically don’t stop infection or spread)…we know children are not and have never been at risk…we know the make-believe masks are a sinister joke…and we know children are suffering real harm from the masks, the insane measures being taken by the schools, and now the vaccines which the CDC/FDA’s own VAERS database documents is generating injury reports at a rate greater than any other vaccine in history.

What’s it going to take for us to say no to this monstrosity?

– Ken

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Posted: February 09, 2022

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