Progress continues

With all the gloom and doom, it’s good to be reminded that in spite of the endless, over-the-top blundering and thievery of those “at the top,” normal human beings have incredible resilience and ingenuity.

Every worthwhile advance in human history that I’m aware of has come from a small group of passionate people – and that trend continues.

Just when you think there’s nothing new under the sun, creative human beings come along and change the world with amazing new ideas. The personal computer, the web browser, broadcasting – all these huge industries started with a handful of passionate tinkering.

I have no idea where this particular idea will lead, but is this amazing or what?

Check it out:


Why I’m heading to England this fall

There’s a lot of innovation in the UK and it’s not just limited to the RepRap.

I’m finding that some of the sharpest, most innovative Internet marketers today are based in the UK.

They’re too busy making money to be on the seminar circuit. That’s why I go to them.

This September 26-27, we’ll be doing a System Intensive together in London.

Last year, we had several American Internet entrepreneurs make the trip to join us as students. It was well worth the trip for them and this year’s meeting will be even richer.

Details here:

– Ken McCarthy

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