Progress and Anti-Progress

Three stories in today’s paper…

Story #1

Engineering-graphics students at Rockland Catholic High School in Rockland, IL are creating prosthetic digits with a 3D printer for a girl born without fingers on her left hand.

If her family were to attempt to buy them through normal channels (i.e. the rapacious medical-industrial complex that daily does more harm to the US than 1,000 al-Quedas), it would cost them $50,000.

The students version is estimated to cost $10.

(Don’t let the government hear about this. There could be trouble.)

Story #2

Have you ever sold a used item on Craiglist?

Guess what? Your friendly US Congress has passed the following law…

If the item you bought, say 30 years ago, and resold when you got tired of it and it ended up on a recall list and you didn’t know it, you could be fined $100,000. Thank Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas for that one.

Story #3

Cities all over the US are “cracking down” on AirBnB.


Corporate-owned hotel chains don’t like the idea of people having an alternative to their usually substandard, over-priced swill.

In case “policymakers” haven’t noticed, a huge portion of the US population is in an economic Depression right now. Renting out rooms to vacationers and others is a way many families made ends meet back in the 30s and it’s a way many families are making ends meet now.

After trashing the US economy, now the government is going to block legitimate ways for people to survive? Really?

What’s the theme here?

Normal, sane people behaving in productive and even generous ways.

Meanwhile, the government piles on rules to make their lives difficult if not downright miserable.

This is just today’s news. I’m sure any of us could easily add to these kinds of stories every day of the week.

I doubt many of my readers “believe” in the benevolent nature of government. If you’re one of the holdouts against reality, take a look.

Compare the value that genuine free-market entrepreneurial activities (not corporate gangster-corporate welfare scams) add to the world and contrast it with business-as-usual for the vultures at the top and their friends.

Business owners are my heroes.

– Ken McCarthy

P.S. For over 25 years I’ve been sharing the simple but powerful things that matter in business with my clients.

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