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In my last post (July 6, 2020), I featured the Democratic mayor of Nevada City, California Reinette Senum who put herself, her career, and her standing on the line in her hometown to tell her neighbors and fellow citizens what public health officials told her about masks: 1) they don’t work and 2) they are serious health consequences if used incorrectly.

It occurrs to me in this era of blatant medical fraud and widespread cowardice, one thing I can do is feature the informed people who are not going along with this, not waiting for “officials” to come to their senses, and not pretending what is in practice a global crime against humanity is not taking place.

Today’s profile in courage Dr. Scott Jensen MD.

Dr. Scott Jensen is a practicing MD with thirty-five years of practice. He’s also a State Senator from Minnesota.

He is the whistle blower who called fraud on the instructions Minnesota doctors were given ordering them to falsify cause of death records in such a way as to boost deaths “from CoVid.” As a result of Dr. Jensen’s courage, Minnesota was shamed into recording cause of deaths during the pandemic accurately.

Dr. Jensen’s original report April 07, 2020

– Ken McCarthy

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