Part One: A closer look at Facebook

A while back, we pointed out a major hazard to advertisers hidden in Facebook.

Getting this one thing wrong is the equivalent to stepping on a land mine.

Your Facebook page will essential self-destruct as far as its value to you is concerned and the more you invest in it – this wrong way – the worse it will get.

Let me save you some major misery: NEVER, EVER take up Facebook on its nifty, easy advertising offer by choosing their “Build Audience/Find Customers” option.

If you go that route, your page will be loaded up with Facebook spammers from all over globe. Then Facebook will turn around and penalize you for it.

Why Facebook does this to its customers for a fast buck I will never understand (major bad karma to say the least)

We covered this in great detail here: “The unadvertised perils of Facebook advertising” which you can find on this blog if you missed in the first time.

That’s the bad news…which we just helped you avoid.

Now here’s the good news

Is Facebook actually good for anything?

Yes, in fact it is.

It is very, very good at some things, but someone’s got to take you by the hand and explain it to you in detail – and Facebook, rolling in cash as it is right now, can’t be bothered.

So we reached out our friend and colleague Perry Marshall and this is what he shared with us…

perry 1

– Ken McCarthy

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