Nurses and doctors in Europe say “No!”

I know a lot of people newly “educated” about biological science in the last few months think they’re “following the science.”

Uh, no. You’re not.

You’ve been scammed and lied to non-stop since this whole farce began in Wuhan in 2019.

For starters, the PCR “test” – the one they’re using to pump the CoVid fraud and scare people out of their minds – has never been anything more than a method to amplify small amounts of genetic material.

It was never meant to be a medical diagnostic tool. In fact, even the labels on the test kits confirm that.

There is no publicly available test that can show the SARS-2 virus in a blood sample.

All the PCR and other tests can do is recognize the presence of fragmentary genetic material that may or may not indicate the one-time presence of an active or inactive SARS-2 virus.

A positive test result does not mean you’re sick.

It also does not mean you’re infected with anything and it does not mean you’re a “case.”

So why are the news media anointed “experts” saying this?

Because the people running this thing are con artists.

How do I know?

The Nobel Prize winning INVENTOR of the PCR test said so.

Unfortunately, Kary Mullis passed away in the summer of 2019.

However, he left plenty of video behind.

He also left behind a book which in years past I sent to both Dan Kennedy and Perry Marshall because it’s such a good read Dancing Naked in the Mind Field.

It does a great job of exposing the self-serving bullshit that “doctors” like Fauci and others have been serving up for decades.

Here’s Mullis talking about Fauci’s original scam: HIV=AIDS.

For obvious reasons (he died before the current scam was hatched) we don’t have Mullis’ comments on CoVid, but we do have his comments on another Fauci scam.

The CoVid Con is following the same exact playbook that Fauci & Co used to turn AIDS “research” into a multi-hundred billion dollar money pump for themselves.

Thirty-six years later they still haven’t delivered their promised vaccine and their “treatments” and “preventatives” cause more harm than the “disease” which for most people is just a positive test!

If you missed this next video, it is must watching.

In 15 minutes, you’ll see EXACTLY how this fraud was sold. I packed as much info into it as you’d get from reading an entire book on the subject.

If you missed this one the first time I published it FIVE MONTHS AGO, this is the former communications director of the Democratic Party and a gay rights activist (is that PC enough for you?) calling out Fauci as a world class fraud – in 2014.

Finally, if haven’t seen this, it’s way past time.

Fauci & Friends are not well intentioned “good guys” who just got a few thing wrong.

They have a thirty-six year record of medical fraud and blood up to their elbows.

– Ken McCarthy

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