“Not a single thing the authorities said was true.”

Google/YouTube removed this video.

People, including me, who’ve shared similar information have had their Twitter accounts frozen.

I recommend you invest the time and watch it.

It’s a summary of the findings of a group of professors from Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and other top universities with relevant credentials, including one Nobel Prize winner.

I have trouble understanding how people think they’re going to survive and thrive in the real world let alone be seen as legitimate advisors to others when they can’t see through – and won’t stand up to – a blatant and obvious fraud that had actively harmed hundreds of millions of people.

In marketing, there’s the message and then there’s the INFRASTRUCTURE to deliver the message.

If you’re wondering how the conspirators pulled off this epic masterpiece of fraud, you need to know about the infrastructure.

As far as I know, the only place you’re going to get insight into this is here. It will take a little time, but if you want to know the nature of the world you’re in, there are no shortcuts.  The alternative is to be a voluntary dupe.

The videos below give important background, but here’s the Cliff Notes.

How to sell a vaccine (or other “solution” to a public health problem)

  1. Claim the emergence of a new and deadly virus that no one has immunity to – even if it’s not true
  2. Claim it spreads easily and that every living person regardless of age and health status is at risk – even if it’s not true
  3. Claim that there are no effective treatments for the problem – even if it’s not true
  4. Use these claims to put people into a fear and panic state
  5. Use this state to create society-crippling restrictions with the false claim that they represent science
  6. Claim to have a new technology that greatly speeds up the vaccine development process
  7. State that the world can’t go back to normal until “the entire global population is vaccinated” (Bill Gates pronouncement in March of 2020)
  8. Use the above aforementioned frauds to distribute a vaccine under “Emergency Use Authorization” obscuring the fact that the vaccine has not been approved for use on human beings by the FDA and cannot based on long accepted safety testing practices until 2023
  9. Weaponize the scum of the earth – politicians, news media hacks, political ideologues, unthinking morons who make pronouncements that effect others without knowing the first thing about what they are talking about – to push for everyone to accept the story and the product, in this case, a vaccine, and along with it a medical philosophy that is a complete departure from well established and effective medical practices pre-2020.

The massive network designed to hype “epidemics.” It’s been place – and growing – for over 60 years

Fauci’s track record as a self-serving medical con artist

Fauci’s first fraud

– Ken McCarthy

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