Mobile: Google gets it

I hate to give Google free ink, but facts are facts.

Here’s a fascinating take from David Rothwell, one of the smartest guys I know and one I see far too rarely. (Please someone move the UK a few hours closer to NY.)


– Google Chrome has become the major browser (
– Chrome works on all desktop and mobile devices
– Chrome is getting more useful every day (Google Now will remind you about whatever is important and even physically nearby)
– Chrome synchronises across all your devices (I have Nexus 4/5/7/10 and PC/Laptop all using Chrome)
– Google Wallet allows you to buy stuff


– person in office using Chrome browser on work device looking for watch/jewellery/apparel/whatever similar (something they want to physically handle before buying, not an online or impulse buy)
– finds item of interest then carries on working
– goes out to lunch, searches again for item of interest on mobile, browser synchronised from previous session on work device
– sees an offer ad by a local retailer, clicks to add offer to wallet on mobile
– goes to store, buys item, redeems offer stored in mobile wallet at point of sale
– merchant advertiser knows what he spent to advertise, and what he earned in sales from his offer

Nobody but Google has all these pieces of the infrastructure:

– Chrome browser
– ability to follow user across devices without cookies
– Mobile Wallet
– advertising platform
– maps
– Android
– Mobile devices e.g Nexus

Google is best placed to win in the coming Mobile universe (imo) as a provider of all devices connected into the Internet of Things.

We ain’t seen NUTHIN yet.
David Rothwell

P.S. David’s an example of one of the members of our System family.

– Ken McCarthy

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