God Bless Canada – Pass it on

I’ve loved Canada since I took my first trip there as a little kid when my family took a vacation to Expo in Montreal, Quebec.

One of my distant ancestors Gaelic-speaking Florence McCarthy came to the U.S. (Oswego, NY) via Canada from Ireland.

Some of my best friends are Canadians and I’ve had some of the biggest fun of my life there.

I even angled to get my wife Canadian citizenship. Her Dad was born there and it worked.

Of course, in our world, the pioneering work of two Canadians Corey Rudl and Michael Campbell is about as central to Internet marketing as can be.

Thus the horror and sadness I’ve felt watching my friends and other Canadians so roundly abused by what can only be called a criminal regime.

And who is attempting to come to the rescue?

Real people who actually work for a living.

Clarifiction: To the morons who think I’m a fan of FOX, I’ve probably published more words against FOX and Rupert Murdoch than you have published cummulativley in your entire life. They, for some reason, happen to be the only people reporting the news on this story so I have to go with what I’ve got.

One cautionary note: The former Chief of Toronto Police, Bill Blair, under whose management the most egregious violations of civil rights occurred in Canada in modern times, is now Canada’s Minister of Emergency Preparedness. If there is an “incident”, be aware that he and the people he works for are capable of anything.

– Ken

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Posted: January 29, 2022

P.S. For adults, and I have to specify this because during the last two years I realize how few there actually are, an indication of what’s at stake: https://www.brasscheck.com/video/history-repeating-itself/

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