Do you know what today is?

I wonder how many Internet marketers know the significance of today’s date?

Today is the day your ability to make money on the Internet was born.

Hint: It happened 15 years ago in Geneva Switzerland

Answer: On November 13, 1990, Tim Berners-Lee posted the first web page to the Internet.

Tim’s invention of the World Wide Web was an individual initiative. Though he created it while working at CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, it was not part of his job description. He looked around and saw that scientists doing research on high particle physics needed a better way to share information with each other.

He could have just said “someone should do something about that.” Instead, he took it on himself to be the one to do something.

Without the web, there would be no Internet industry as we know it today. Without Tim, there would be no web.  It’s a simple story.

What did that first web page look like?

Alas, it’s been lost, but a 1992 revision of the original page can be found at the link below.

Notice, no hype. No braggadocio. No grand promises.  Just a guy working on something to make life a little bit easier and better for the people around him.

Thanks Tim!

– Ken McCarthy

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