A wise man speaks

There are so few wise people in the world, that when one speaks, I feel the responsibility to share it with you…

“As a copywriter who has written and mentored campaigns that have generated in excess of $140+ million in sales and over a quarter of a million new customers for one of the Agora companies in the past five years, I can tell you most so-called gurus in the online marketing world are completely full of cr*p.

I don’t buy their newsletters. I don’t join their clubs. And I certainly don’t buy their overpriced “coaching programs” or conference tickets.

So why am I member of the System Club?

Because many years ago, former Boardroom marketing maven Brian Kurtz mailed me (not email, physical mail) a recording of a speech Ken gave, and it was instantly apparent that Ken is not like almost everyone else in this business.

His knowledge is deep. He speaks the truth. He under-promises and over-delivers. So when Ken made an irresistible offer to join his club, I joined instantly.

And here’s what I found…

There is material in the members archive you won’t find anywhere else, including interviews with legends in this industry that as far as I know only Ken has access to. (It’s like the Library of Alexandria for serious marketers.)

His training material also goes far beyond just “how to make money online”, and includes strategies for building real businesses from the ground up (based on timeless principles rather than gimmicks), and what to do with your newfound wealth once you’ve accumulated it.

But perhaps the most valuable benefit is the access club members get to Ken himself. You can email Ken and ask him questions – in fact he encourages it as part of his regular Ask Ken updates, a new feature of the club.

When I sent in my first question, I was shocked to see 1 hr 23 minutes later Ken had sent me a personal response. And in the space of two emails, Ken gave me two ideas with the potential to save me over a million dollars on something that no other expert I’ve talked with – and I’ve been to any – to was able to able to offer a shred of help on.

Is club membership going to be worth it for you?

It’s hard to say without knowing you…

If you’re a dreamer, and not a doer… If you’re just looking for the next “get rich quick” fix, before hopping on board the next parlor-trick offering from the guru casino… Club membership is gonna be a big disappointment to you.

But if you’re a serious player, and you’re a student of the game, you should know Ken is a great teacher. He has access to other great practitioners that you will most likely never see on the seminar circuit. And he has the best online library of resources of anyone I’ve ever heard of in this business. What’s not to love?”

Aaron Tyrrell
Senior Copywriter, The Agora Companies

There you have it.

Smart people and advisors who actually care that their clients succeed tend to be my biggest fans.

The Goo-Roo scam artists…not so much.

– Ken McCarthy

P.S. For over 25 years I’ve been sharing the simple but powerful things that matter in business – and life – with my clients.

If you’d like direction for your business that will work today, tomorrow and twenty years from now, visit us at the System Club.

Another wise man speaks
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