A Financial Independence Day Blueprint role model


I admit it.

I don’t watch much football.

I played basketball and if I’m going to watch a game, that’s what I’m going to watch.

In spite of my disinterest I’ve found an NFL player to admire.

His name is Ryan Boyles.

What’s so admirable about him?

Well, he’s 27 years old and he’s already made a couple of million dollars.

But that’s not why I admire him.

I admire him because in spite of his “windfall” salary, he has disciplined himself to live on a $60,000 a year budget.

In other words, he’s a saving the money he makes.

Which means he’s building wealth.


Here is this young man’s philosophy:

“I want to invest and I want the investments to provide for me so some day I’m financially free.”

It’s almost like he’s read my Financial Independence Day Blueprint!

Contrast this with the “example” set by the average Internet marketing guru.

They make a little money and next thing you know their garages are filled with cars worth more than some people’s houses – and they’re bragging about it and offering their example as a role model.


So wrong it’s practically financial malpractice.

The purpose of making money is to build wealth.

The only way to build wealth is to get good at making money – and then good at saving it.

It’s a simple 2 + 2 = 4 formula.

But try to find this advice anywhere in guru-land…

Have you read my Financial Independence Day Blueprint?

It’s a literal blueprint for how to go from zero – or even massive debt – to financial independence.

It’s free, there’s nothing to buy, and there’s no “upsell” to get anything else.

I wrote it in frustration with all the bad business and financial advice I saw being slung around by the “get rich quick” crowd and it’s one of the most popular things I’ve ever published.

You can download it free here:


– Ken McCarthy

P.S. For over 25 years I’ve been sharing the simple but powerful things that matter in business with my clients.

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