If you hate Big Pharma

If don’t hate Big Pharma, you’re not paying attention.

They spend over $3 billion a year lobbying (bribing) politicians. This is more than twice as much as Wall Street or the Oil/Gas industry.

They spend over $30 billion a year advertising and educating (bribing) doctors.

Here’s some news that came out about the “controversial” MMR vaccine just a few weeks ago.

Note: Products are “controversial” when they are clearly unsafe, but someone has the money to get the world “controversy” added to the story.

As you’re watching this, ask yourself how is it this essential pubic health information could not have been all over the news given that the MMR vaccine has been the #1 story nationwide for weeks?

If you’ve never paid much attention to the MMR “controversy”, it might be time to.


Because if you think mandatory vaccination is just for kids, you’re dreaming.

$3 billion a year can make vaccines of all kinds mandatory for you too some day – and don’t think they’re not working on it.

How do you think we got here to the point where the number of mandatory vaccinations for children has tripled since 1983?

The sordid history of the vaccine industry. It’s one of the darkest stains on our society today.

A deep dive into the 1918 Flu Pandemic (A talk from 2011)

– Ken McCarthy

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