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Dear fellow entrepreneur,

If your business is going to survive, thrive and make you the money you want it to, you've got to sell.

You've got to sell customers on buying from you, investors on investing, and even employees and vendors on doing a good job.

As Marcus Lemonis says on every episode of The Profit, great people, great products and great processes are the key to success in business.

There's only one thing missing from his formula: Sales. Without sales you don't have a business.

It's just common sense.

Where do people learn to sell?

Since selling is one of the most important skills in business, you'd think there'd be a lot of great resources out there for people to take advantage of.

I can tell you from over 35 years in business there are not.

There lots of books and even lots of sales trainers and courses, but many do more harm than they do good.

They teach things that don't work, that make selling harder instead of easier, and even alienate customers instead of winning them.

How do I know?

Because I've sampled most of them. Over the years, I dutifully followed every bit of advice of got.

But wasn't until I stopped "selling" and did "something else" that I started to achieve great success in my life...

What is that "something else?"

Let me introduce you to one of the biggest selling secrets there is.

Here's how I discovered it...

I'm good friends with a man who is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest salesmen who every lived, Gary Bencivenga.

Gary does his selling through sales letters and the financial results of his every "sales call" (letter mailed) were measured right down to the penny. There's no way to hide results in an environment like this. You're either selling successfully or not.

In his field, Gary is considered the #1 salesman on the planet. He was so successful that one weekend (and he only did this once), 100 of his peers, many of them millionaire in their own right, paid him $5,000 each just to spend a weekend learning this techniques.

And here's that Gary said to me:

"Ken, I've found the world's best book on selling."

I know that Gary is a serious student of selling. He has more books on sales, marketing, persuasion, business and psychology than most libraries - and he's read and studied them all.

So when he told me he found the best book, I paid attention and got it and read it immediately.

Darned if he wasn't right.

I wish I'd had this book 35 year ago

I read this book after I had figured out many of these things through the school of hard knocks.

If I'd had this book, I would have made a lot more money with a lot less hassle and had a lot more fun. I probably would have retired earlier too.

You see...

Successful selling is NOT being smarter than you customer

Successful selling is NOT using lots of tricky sales techniques

Successful selling is NOT talking people into things

Successful selling is NOT using psychological pressure to "get over" on people

Successful selling is NOT just for aggressive people. Shy people can succeed in selling too.

So what is successful selling?

If you have time to watch a video, I'd be happy to go through this book with you point by point.

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Ken McCarthy

P.S. If you want to get you own copy of this book, that's great, but it's not necessary.

There's nothing to buy. The video is free and it goes into a great deal of depth.

It's me speaking a class of business students at one of the most prestigious business schools in the western hemisphere.

I only gave this talk once and I can tell you for sure I'm never giving it again. That's why I had it videotaped.

If you do want to get the book, I'll show you where to get it and what it costs. It's not available in any store.

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